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These Are The Best TiKi Cocktails of 2023

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The TiKi Throw Down - New York's Iconic Exotic Cocktail Competition

August 20th, 2023 New York bore witness to the triumphant resurgence of the

"Best Tiki Cocktail of the Year" in the 'TiKi Throw Down' competition, rekindling the spirit of authentic tiki as we venture into the second half of the century. Against the iconic backdrop, mixologists & enthusiasts came together to celebrate tradition & innovation in an exhilarating clash of flavors, crafting cocktails that paid homage to the past while pushing the boundaries of the present. The winning cocktails stood not only as a testament to the skill of its creator but also as a reminder of the collective passion that fuels the tiki community, underscoring that this competition is more than a mere contest—it's a celebration of artistry, culture, & the unifying love for exceptional exotic cocktails. Below are the winners, cocktails, spirits, & bartenders who won the panelists' favor in the Legendary Cocktail competition known as "The TiKi Throw Down."

"Dread Pirate Roberts" - Lost Horizon

1st Place - Best Tiki Cocktail of the Year 2023

"'Dread Pirate Roberts' is a modern twist on the Navy Grog/Ancient Mariner cocktail, with a dry & robust blend of baking spices. This tropical classic is taken to new depths with hints of cardamom, black pepper, & coconut. The name was inspired by the Princess Bride film, as a man who lives forever he truly is The Ancient Mariner, & I think this is a grog worthy of his title!"

Acid Adjusted Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Allspice Dram, Allspice Tincture, Saline.

Lost Horizon is a "Dreadful Tropical Popup" brought to you by Dan Olivo

"Return to Pearl Island" - The Highwater

2nd Place - Best Tiki Cocktail 2023

"This cocktail was inspired by a vintage Tiki menu (from the iconic Aku Aku restaurant in Las Vegas). The menu only listed the cocktail as "especially recommended for ladies," which intrigued me. After some detective work, I was able to find the original recipe and put my own spin on it."

Rum Fire, Housemade Fassionola, Housemate Honey Falernum, Orange Curaca, Fresh Lime Juice,

Peychaud's Bitters, Soda.

Ella Gill of The Highwater

"Redrum Redrum" - Fuchsia Tiki Bar

3rd Place Best Tiki Cocktail 2023

"The punch was inspired by local seasonal fresh cherries & herbs combined with Caribbean flavors, nodding to the origin of the rum."

Denizen Merchant's Reserve, Falernum, Tart Cherry Juice Infused With Sorel, Luxardo Maraschino,

Simple Syrup. Rocks Glass with Ice, Mint & Red Shiso, Bing Cherry for Garnish.

Anton Kinloch of Fuchsia Tiki Bar

"Rum Soaked Riches" - Tiki Chick

Runner up for Best Tiki Cocktail 2023!

"'Rum Soaked Riches' is a Terroir inspired Mai Tai meets Dark & Stormy.

Ginger infused Dos Maderas 5+3, Don Zoilo 15 yr Amontillado sherry, Grapefruit Acid,

Toasted Coco-Nut Orgeat, Coffee Bean Infused Dos Maderas 5+5 Float.

Tiki Chick & Dos Maderas at the NY Cocktail Expo 2023

For more follow @nycocktailexpo on Instagram

Upcoming Events:

NY Cocktail Expo - August 18th, 2024 - Melrose Ballroom, LIC

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