Meurtito Vivo TiKi Cocktail Recipe

Updated: Oct 13

The Zombie was one of the first drinks to define the Tiki genre, before the word "Tiki" even existed.

Photo: Eric Medsker

Invented by Don The Beachcomber, who is credited with creating the tropical cocktail genre, the Zombie was wildly imitated and copied, showing up at bars - tropical, exotic or otherwise, across the country. This version is a "shorter" take on the build, and brings the potency of overproof rum into play with the aromatic spices of Jagertee to add spicy and aromatic flavors into a simple, compact, and easy to make recipe.


1.5 oz Mezan Chiquiri Rum

.5 oz Stroh 160

.5 oz Stroh Jagertee

.75 oz Don’s Mix (1:1 Cinnamon Syrup and White Grapefruit Juice)

.75 oz fresh lime juice

Combine all in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a Tiki vessel ( a mug, Goblet, or snifter) over cubed ice. Top with pebbled ice, garnish with a charred cinnamon stick and edible flower, then serve.

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