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New York Cocktail Expo announces Nominees for the 2022 Best Spirits in Cocktails Awards

TheBestSpiritsInCocktailsAwards (1).png

And the Nominees are...

Born out of the Centennial Anniversary of the Prohibition, the Best Spirits in Cocktails Awards celebrates the Iconic Cocktails of Time & the Spirits and Bars that make them.


Awarding the BSICA Gold, Silver & Bronze medallions from blind tastings by Industry panelists at New York bars who've won their peer's vote for making the best version of classic cocktails, honoring their authenticity.

The spirit competition is the Official Celebration surrounding Repeal Day beginning this November and is open to all spirit brands wanting to make history. However, they will compete against spirit brands who have accepted their nominations from 30 + Industry panelists, who consider them as Best Whiskey in The Manhattan, Best Whiskey in the Old Fashioned, Best Gin in the Martini, Best Tequila in the Margarita, Best Rum in the Daiquiri & Best Rum in the Mojito. 

While The Best Whiskey in The Old Fashioned Competition will return to legendary Dutch Kills Bar in LIC, NY.  Official NY Bar Honorees will have the honor of hosting the blind tastings from their location into the new year reflecting the echoing spirit of celebrations of Repeal Day, making rounds with finalist spirits for the tasting panel, their recipe memorialized in the annual BSICA online publication and broadcast the competition internationally. Receiving acclaim and admiration from the entire cocktail loving world in the beginning of the Century.  Continue to join us in upcoming tastings at NY Top Bars who have accepted nomination as the Best Spirits in Cocktails Awards Season is continues!

Spirit Nominees: Best Whiskey in the Old Fashioned

  • Willet Bourbon Pot Still

  • Rittenhouse Rye  (Two Nominations)

  • Russel Reserve Bourbon

  • NY Distilling Company Ragtime Rye

  • Eagle Rare 10 Year

  • Russell's Reserve 10 Year

  • Sagamore Rye (Two Nominations)

  • Brothers Bond Bourbon

  • Buffalo Trace

  • Stellum Bourbon

  • Stranahan's Blue Peak American Single Malt

  • Virgil Kaine Bourbon

  • Pinhook Bourbon

Spirit Nominees: Best Whiskey in the Manhattan

  • Wild Turkey Rye 101

  • J. Rieger Rye Bottled in Bond

  • Hudson Rye

  • Woodford Reserve Rye (Two Nominations)

  • Power John's Lane

  • Stagg Jr. Bourbon

  • Westward Whiskey

  • Sagamore Rye Whiskey (Two Nominations)

  • Angel's Envy Rye

  • Starward Two-Fold Australian Whiskey

  • Redemption High Rye Bourbon

  • Knob Creek Bourbon

  • Rittenhouse Rye

Spirit Nominees: Best Gin in the Martini

  • Martin Miller Gin

  • Nikka Gin

  • Tanqueray Gin

  • AMASS Dry Gin

  • Bordiga Occitan Gin

  • Neversink Gin

  • Gray Whale Gin

  • Fords Gin (Two Nominations)

  • Brooklyn Gin

  • Boatyard Gin

  • Bombay London Dry Gin

Spirit Nominees: Best Tequila in the Margarita

  • Espolon Blanco (Two Nominations)

  • Herradura Silver

  • Organic 123 Blanco

  • Don Julio Blanco

  • El Pintor Joven

  • Siembra Azul Blanco (Two Nominations)

  • Siete Leguas Blanco (Two Nominations)

  • Fortaleza 

  • El Tesoro 

  • Mijenta Tequila Blanco

  • Tequila Ocho Plata

  • Arette Blanco Tequila

Spirit Nominees: Best Rum in the Daiquiri

  • Probitas

  • Denizen Aged White

  • Diplomatico Planas

  • River Antoine Rivers Royale

  • Clairin Le Rocher

  • El Dorado 3 Year 

  • Don Papa Rum

  • Kasama Rum

  • SelvaRey White Rum

Spirit Nominees: Best Rum in the Mojito

  • Probitas (Three Nominations)

  • Denizen Aged White

  • Diplomatico Planas

  • Plantation 3 Stars (Two Nominations)

  • Bacardi Superior

  • Don Q Cristal

  • San Zanj Haitian White Rum (Clairin)

  • Uruapan Charanda Blanco

  • The Real McCoy 3 Year


  • El Dorado 3 Year

  • Copalli White Rum

Bar Nominees: Best Manhattan in New York

  • Amor y Amargo

  • The Dead Rabbit

  • Long Island Bar

  • Porchlight

  • Clover Club

  • Underdog

  • Union Square Café

  •  Top Quality

  • The Stand

  • Bottino

  • Macao Trading Company 

  • Osamil Upstairs

  • Raines Law Room 

Bar Nominees: Best Gin Martini in New York

  • Dear Irving Gramercy

  • Macao Trading Company 

  • Dutch Fred's

  • ROKC

  • Gage & Tollner

  • Francie

  • Dr. Clark

  • Sugar Monk (Harlem)

  • Sidney's Five (East Village)

  • Moonrise Izakaya (Upper West Side)

  • Maison Premiere

  • Baccarat Hotel

  • Bar Goto (Brooklyn) (Two Nominations)

  • Katana Kitten 

  • Hawksmoor NYC

Bar Nominees: Best Daiquiri in New York

  • Sunken Harbor Club

  • Leyenda

  • Mace (Two Nominations)

  • Employees Only

  • All Night Skate

  • Top Quality

  • Osamil Upstairs

  • Panorama Room

Bar Nominees: Best Margarita in New York

  • La Contenta Oeste (Manhattan) (Two Nominations)

  • Tacuba Cantina Mexicana (Queens)

  • The Wayland (Manhattan)

  • Llama Inn

  • Leyenda (Two Nominations)

  • Mesa Cyoacan (Brooklyn)

  • Aldama (Brooklyn)

  • Fandi Mata (Brooklyn) 

  • Bar Belly 

Bar Nominees: Best Mojito in New York

  • Aura Cocina (Bushwhick)

  • Leyenda (Two Nominations)

  • Sunken Harbor Club

  • Le Bilboquet Sag Harbor

  • Undercote

  • Osamil Upstairs

  • The Rum House

Congratulations to the 2022 Bar & Spirit Nominees!

Spirit Nominees Accept your Nomination Here!

Spirit Brands submit your expressions to be featured and compete here!

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