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Love the idea of the New York Cocktail Expo, but low on cash? Volunteer with us to get a FREE Ticket. All volunteers must be 21+ 


Volunteers can help with set-up, scan tickets and issue wristbands at the door, cruise the floor to maintain ice and keep the floor looking great and exhibitors happy!  They can also interact with vendors, pimp our sweet mobile app, help put out water, help guests find where they need to be!



Volunteering earns you a FREE ticket to enjoy the fest before or after your session. You will be required to do a pre-festival meeting before the big event to get the run down. 



Volunteer Shift Break-Downs (subject to change)


SHIFT 1: 10am-2pm

SHIFT 2: 2pm-6pm

SHIFT 3: 6pm-10pm

Contact Us:

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