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VIP at The NY Cocktail Expo - Queens

About Bohemian Hall

The Sokol Gym or Main Hall was added, and in 1919 the outside Bar and Park were finished – just in time for prohibition which banned the sale of alcoholic beverages in America for over a decade! But Bohemian Hall survived.

Attendees will walk the hall and sample cocktails and spirits while 200 VIP guests throughout the course of the expo will have access to the exclusive sponsor area for special tastings and engagement. (seen below)

VIP Prohibition Room at the NY Cocktail Expo

with 6 spots available for exclusive exhibitors and sponsors, this room below bohemian hall is perfect for that intimate setting. With 1 bar available for showcasing and service making it a prime location at the expo with VIP guests! 

VIP Speakeasy Room at the NY Cocktail Expo
Questions, comments, remarks?

Contact Matt Kourie - - 516-233-0866

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