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2 Days, 2 Oz: Stirring Up the Cocktail Expo Countdown!


The NYCE Bar Community has been gearing up for an epic showdown at the NY Cocktail Expo!

This Saturday & Sunday you must bring the NOISE & share in the excitement with your followers!

Every great cocktail has a FOLLOWING.

It's time to build your competing cocktail's following!


Vote For Best Cocktail are now being cast on attendee order forms

  1. Stir Buzz: Flaunt your cocktail's magic mix 

  2. Sip & Snap your photo for your wall or story & tag @nycocktailexpo

  3. Use these hashtags to fuel the excitement:  #nycocktailexpo #nyccocktails #drinknyc

  4. Cheers Collab

  5. Tag your bar &/or spirit brand. 

  6. Ticket Link Magic: Boost sales, secure votes.

  7. Craft a Tease: Excite with mix hints

  8. VIP Preview: Share a sneak sip.

  9. Follow Frenzy: Get more fans on board.

20%. off tickets for your followers - Shareable link:

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