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Queen Bee Cocktail Classic is Sweet as Honey

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

In honor of NYC Honey Week, hyper-local cocktail bar Proof+Gauge teamed up with Brooklyn Grange on September 12, 2016 to bring back the Queen Bee Cocktail Classic! “A celebration of female bartenders using local products and honey to celebrate the honey bee and New York”, says Jena Ellenwood, Bartender and Manager of Proof + Gauge. Queens Courage New York Old Tom Gin, which is made with 85% NY State ingredients and NY honey was used as the spirit in each of the participants cocktails. some of which comes from the Brooklyn Grange and Hungry Bear Farms. They have their own hives and Bees to harvest rooftop honey to make this rich bodied, smooth gin.

I took some time to take in the sights and the tremendously delicious offerings!

Many cocktail adventures and celebrations can be had for the taking in New York. For more adventures like this, check out the awesome all female speed bartending sport competition, Speed Rack and the premier spirit and cocktail expo in New York, the NY Cocktail Expo where top and craft spirits offer up inhibition liberating delights from the top cocktail bars in NY. Cheers!

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