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The Best Tequilas For A Margarita 2023

The Margarita Cocktail at Bar Belly NYC Winner of Best Margarita in New York 2023

On December 1, 2020, one hundred years following the prohibition of alcohol and during the 87th anniversary of Repeal week , New York's premier cocktail exhibition and spirit showcase, the New York Cocktail Expo, kicked off the most iconic and historic series of blind tasting events. "The Best Spirits in Cocktails Awards" showcased Top Bar Industry Tasting Panelists who would decide the Best Spirits in The Iconic Cocktails of Time.

The Best Tequila in the Margarita 2023 Blind Tasting Panel:

Roger Avila (Employees Only / Fandi Mata), Luis Alatorre (High St. on Hudson), Genesis Cruz (Bar Belly NYC), Diego Livera (The Cabinet).

The contest...same recipe, only a different Tequila in the cocktail each round. The recipe and cocktails for this tasting would be made and hosted by Bar Belly of New York which was Awarded as Winner of Best Margarita in New York 2023. (pictured above).

The Winning Margarita recipe and award winning Tequilas from the landmark Margarita spirit competition are listed below. Cheers!

Gold Medal Winner

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Floral and sweet agave with lots of tropical fruit - think banana, guava and pineapple

Palate: Black pepper and mineral notes come through, balancing well with the sweetness

Finish: Long and vibrant, with more tropical fruit and a snappiness from the higher alcohol

Silver Medal Winner

Tasting Notes:

Color : Clear With Platinum Cast.Nose : Delicate Sweet Agave; Floral Tropical Fruit And Lemon Zest Aromas; Hint Of Pepper.Taste : Soft Mouthfeel Light- To Medium-Bodied Palate With Bright Agave Flavor; Notes: Pepper Vanilla Bean Grilled Pineapple And Spice. Elegant Clean Finish That Ends With A Hint Of Spice.

Bronze Medal Winner

"It reflects the faithful appeal of a distillate whose objective is to maintain the purity of the character of the agave juice. Its nature is one of freshness, green field and minerals; with a broad background of jicama,hawthorns in honey, green leaves and a personality with a deep palate."

Try These Tequilas Below for your own Margarita Tasting!

For a spicy kick, pour these favorite Chili Pepper infused Tequilas into your Margarita!

"Margarita" Cocktail Recipe

(Recipe spec by Bar Belly NYC)


.5 oz- Light Blue Agave

1 oz- Lime

2 oz- Blanco Tequila

Method: Shake all Ingredients on Ice until chilled

Ice: Kold Draft (cubed ice)

Glass: Old Fashioned rocks glass

Garnish: Dehydrated Lime Wheel

Check out a Video of New York Cocktail Expo!

Video Credit: Bleu Fox Productions

Spirit Brands can register to participate in the Best Spirits in Cocktails Awards by sending info to

Bars should register to participate at the New York Cocktail Expo by clicking here.

For more, follow @nycocktailexpo on Instagram


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