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How To Use Tea in Cocktails

2019 resolutions. "Use the most underrated cocktail ingredient more often. "

Tea. Tea is inexpensive, diverse, flavorful, and can offer many complexities to a cocktail that otherwise would be milk toast. The best part about it is using tea in drinks is incredibly easy.  Here are three ways tea can become your secret ingredient.

1) Make a tea syrup.  Simply steep an 8 oz cup of your favorite tea and add a cup of white granulated sugar. Everyone has had a whiskey sour but how many of us have had one with dulong simple syrup?

2) Infuse your spirit. A Bee’s Knees with Earl Grey infused gin is a total game changer. To infuse, let approx 8 oz of spirit steep with your tea of choice for 20-30 minutes. You're now ready to mix!

3) As a stand alone ingredient.  If you're looking for a unique way to lengthen a sour or bring some subtle complexity to punch, tea is your answer. In fact, you can up the ante by using ceremonial matcha which is stronger and more robust than most tea flavor profiles.

Check out the recipe for our resident bartender’s Ceremonia cocktail competing at Bacardi Legacy this February!! INGREDIENTS IN THE CEREMONIA COCKTAIL

2 oz Bacardi Ocho

1 ¼ oz Matcha

¾ oz Lemon

1 oz Vanilla

½ oz Egg White

2 Spritzes Rosewater


Matcha: Whisk ½ barspoon of matcha with 8oz water.

Combine all ingredients besides rosewater and dry shake. Shake vigorously with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe and garnish with rosewater spritz, dried rose buds, and matcha powder.

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