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Day of Instruction & Exhibitor Checklist

Items to Bring: 

- [  ] Disposable cups

- [  ] Bar rags (Cleanliness is key at any bar 

- [  ] Recommended small waste receptacle (There will be garbage service by venue, but cleanliness is expected at each exhibitor table just as you would your bar, we work together to keep the event flowing, thank you!)

- [  ] Cooler (for syrups, juices, etc) 

- [  ] Ice scooper

- [  ] Bar tools (shaker, jigger, etc) just in case

- [  ] Rinse & dump bucket

- [  ] Table cloth / linen

- [  ] Banners / Table décor that is on brand (4ft tables)

- [  ] Good vibes!

- [  ] (optional) Gifts/Swag

- [  ] Container for people to place their vote cards on your table 

Load In & Hours: 

- Location: Standard Rec, Patchogue, NY

- Load-In Time: 10am SHARP

- Exhibitor Check in through front of venue

(You will receive your exhibitor credentials & table space

- Must be ready for service by 11:30am

- Judges will be tasting your cocktails by 11:40am!!

- Event Hours: 12:30pm-9pm: 

    Sessions For Attendees: 

    Session 1: 1pm - 3pm (VIP at 12:30pm)

    Session 2: 4pm - 6pm (VIP at 3:30pm) 

    Session 3: 7:00pm - 9pm (VIP at 6:30pm)​

Breakdown at 9pm


- [  ] Bring disposable cups for samples

- [  ] Batch cocktails, cheater bottles, punch bowls

- [  ] Attendees: 1 Cocktail Sample & Spirit Tasting

        2oz if shaken, 1oz stirred

- [  ] All spirit samples are ⅛ oz !

(approx 800 samples subject for changes)

- [  ] Meet sample demand per attendee

- [  ] Do not run out of samples / take any batched cocktail as special on menu. Take unused product back. The event can only give projections as tickets will be on sale on Sunday as well.


Attendances are Projections: Prepare for Variables: Spread product out if needed.

- Projected Attendance for Sunday Nov 12th: 600-800 guests. 

Will update on attendance as it changes.

- Competitions

    Tiki Throw Down

    Best Cocktail of the Year

NO FIRE IN VENUE. (Dry Ice for smoke effect is ok)


- [ ] Max 3 staff/volunteers at table

- [ ] Check attendees passes, track samples 

 (simply mark with Sharpie to exhaust guess pass at table)

Point of Contact:

Hannah Mizrahi (732) -720 -4980 

Venue Provides:

- [x] Table (4ftx4ft)

- [x] Pebble Ice (Please only use what you need)

  [x] Tap Water for Drinking

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