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Eamon Rockey is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (BPS ’06). He has worked in service, management, or partnership at some of NYC’s most highly regarded restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, Atera, Aska, and Betony, and regularly speaks around the world on hospitality, management, and bartending. He has spearheaded numerous critically acclaimed cocktail programs and is renowned for his international reintroduction of milk punches.


In 2018, he launched Rockey’s, which introduced the world to the first widely available milk punch in over 150 years. He is also working on his first book, The Cocktail Bible, a definitive resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Eamon’s work behind the bar has been featured in multiple books as well as The New York Times, Edible Manhattan, Eater, The New York Daily News, Cooks Science, and The New Yorker.


Thank you everyone. Great to meet today!


Thank you Eamon for the general recap and connecting everyone.

Having chimed in....I will begin to iron out those specifics with Jax & Co team.


But first...after seeing the venue and combining our mutual goals of practicality and target demo - consumer and trade and ease of first event.


We would be able to launch a New York Cocktail Expo Education Seminar very simply as an Ice breaker.

The date would be set when a brand/s sponsors books through NY Cocktail Expo. 

As opposed to setting the date first for the seminar.


You would be able to give a green light to this easier with less back and forth on set up and legal/code needs etc.

As it's as straightforward as having a guest bartender (Eamon, Instructor behind the Bar or other set up)


This means we can get an "event" going sooner than later in the interim while we plan the "Luau" (working title for tropical theme event)

for September (Title & concept of event will be from NY Cocktail Expo for Marketing Purposes we have a winning event like this already)


The seminar is much more streamlined and simpler to run: 

Eamon will instruct a class: i.e. "Sous Vide Technique in Bars" 

Classes are 1 and a half hours average. Then followed by a networking Happy Hour where Jax and Co. Would sell cocktails and food to attendees, meet talent and advertise Jax and Co. to incentivize return visitation. Spirit product would be provided in kind to Jax & Co for your happy hour sales including the pop up cocktails increasing your profit margin on drink sales.


Even though attendance is typically 35 - 40 for a small classroom seminar, we would give Eamon a wireless head set mic and audio set up (our own if he cannot patch in to system) to Instruct up to 100 or 200 attendees "TED TALK" Style and use of your HD screen as you mentioned for his presentation.


You will receive the online promotional campaign from NYCE Free as mentioned for use of the space etc.

NYCE expo in this regard does booking for the space, promotion and Acquiring all sponsors.

Jax & Co and Eamon will produce and organize the Seminar with Eamon's instruction on needs.


Investment by Jax and Co. :

  • Venue space, staff, juices and mixers, glassware etc.

  • Assistant for Eamon if he needs.

  • Seating, water for attendees

  • Staffing your bar and whatever food set up you would like.

  • Happy Hour could also be held downstairs so guests experience the food court and beautiful bar.

  • Or an Exclusive Happy Hour upstairs and other food set up of your choosing. 

  • Complimentary Education for Jax & Co staff



  • The exposure for Jax & Co. through the online campaign from NYCE

  • Having all levels of industry talent coming through Jax and Co to meet and network (build ongoing roster of talent)

  • Receive emails for Direct Marketing to Attendees.

  • Connect with new spirit brands

  • Be in association with other year round NYCE Bar Education Venues like Hidden Bar, TiKi Chick, Dutch Kills, Fuschia TiKi Bar, 

  • Winnie's Jazz Bar and more.

  • Create awareness to other organizers to attract new events to Jax & Co.

  • Return Business through attendees experiencing the seminar and happy hour at Jax & Co.


NYCE Role in Seminars:

  • Booking the space, Marketing/Promoting Seminar/Jax & Co and acquiring sponsors. 

  • (spirit brands, relevant products raising funds to advertise and fill the seats etc.)

  • (All sponsors must go through NYCE)

  • Bring appealing Educational "Pop ups" to Jax & Co 

  • Once again I am contributing my time free and NYCE and will hope to make return on ticket sales, relevant add on items.

  • NYCE to Waive our marketing service fees for Jax & Co in exchange for use of space and investments listed above


This has created a best practice already and we can have confidence in that ,as well as reputable events like New York Cocktail Expo.


I think this is a comfortable and confident way to get things going quickly and set us up for risk free success.


I will respond with a date for the "Luau" in September and speak to the needs to make it a win for everyone. 

And this would all be a "hit the ground running" approach considering timing of the seminar and the tropical event.


With these terms above. May we green light a seminar in the interim? 


I can streamline the booking and we could have something in July / August which in turn would promote the Luau for September

and we'll be even more prepared to run the Luau, having worked together a bit.


I can simply get up one of Eamons Classes to book a brand and then set the date at Jax & Co.


Sound Good? Thank you again.


Warmest regards,

Matthew Kourie

Owner / Founder

New York Cocktail Expo


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