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New York Cocktail Expo 2019

Day of Instructions / What to Bring:

Please read thoroughly info below:


Suggestion: Highlight items needed to bring.


 Limited resources at venue. Don’t forget necessary items.



OUR 2019 Goal For Cleanliness is A Team Effort with Organizer, Venue and Exhibitors.


Please bring Disposable Cups for your samples. Bar Rags and small waste receptacle.


Your exhibitor space is your POP UP Station. Please treat it as you would your own bar and keep it cleanly. Thank you.


Working together we will keep a very cleanly event. Thank you!



Load in / Hours:

·       LocationMelrose Ballroom 36-08 33rd St. LIC, NY 11106 1-718-255-6921 

·       Load-In Time: 10am - Valet Parking will take your vehicle - in front of the building is a loading zone.

·       See exhibitor check in to receive credentials and head to your numbered station.

·       Hours of the Event: 

·       Service begins promptly at 2pm

·       Session 1: 2pm-5pm

·       Networking Hour / Reset:5pm-6pm (Participants and media guests may network/ Reset for session 2)

·       Session 2: 6pm-9pm

·       Networking / After Party (Rooftop Only): 9pm-10pm 

·       Event Close: 10pm

TIKI Throw Down Competition: Session 1

Best Cocktail of the Year Competition: Session 2

All exhibitors must serve samples during both samples.


Number of Attendees/ Samples

"Projected" Number of attendees/ minimum samples: 800 attendees. Please note this is subject to change as tickets will be on sale until August 18th. Please be on standby for final attendee projections end of week. As it may be more or less than this projection. Thank you!





++++Please bring your preferred disposable cups for your samples.+++++

Exhibitors May not sell bottles directly to attendees off of tables. 


All cocktails for attendees must be batched, cheater bottles, punch bowls for quick service.


(Judges will receive cocktail samples (round 1) and Full cocktails on stage from selected Finalists in Round 2)


Each Attendee May Receive Both:

(1) Cocktail Sample per attendee (2oz. if shaken, 1oz. if stirred)

(1) Spirit Sample per attendee (Less than ¼ oz.) (just to taste, no shots please)



All attendees will expect to receive their samples from your station, so we ask that you please meet the demand of samples per attendee.


Please note: The NY Cocktail Expo cannot guarantee that all samples will be used do to the nature of events, attendance, etc. We sincerely ask that you please do not run out of samples at the event, thank you, kindly for following this important guideline.


 (Judges criteria will be sent along shortly for competitions.)


WHAT TO BRING: Highlight Items!


  1. Disposable cups

  2. Bar Rags

  3. Small waste receptacle

  4. cooler

  5. ice scooper 

  6. rinse and dump bucket 

  7. everything else you need to serve your samples.

  8. Please bring a table cloth.

  9. Banners / Table décor / Good vibes!

  10. Gifts/Swag for the Judges Gift Bags! (6 Judges)Drop off any swag or gift items, stickers, buttons, t-shirts etc. for the Judges Gift Bags at Exhibitor Check in upon arrival!

There is no wall directly behind exhibitor stations so standing mounts and banners are best for branding with signage. Thank you.



++Venue Provides:

  1. Table(6Ft. Full Table Size)

  2. Kold Draft Ice Cubes provided for you by:Icesurance

Please bring any specialty Ice for Your cocktails if needed. 

Please notify to see how we can accommodate you if bringing specialty Ice.



If Competing in Competitions: (Send to your Mixologist)


Mixologist will need to bring all ingredients and bar tools in a bin to build cocktail from scratch if advancing as one of 3 finalists to round 2 on stage. 3 Judges / 3 Full Cocktails with proper glassware and garnish. Finalists are chosen from 1stRound where Judges will taste your cocktail sample first at your station.


Please make sure the bartender will be able to give the Judges of the Cocktail Awards their attention when coming over to taste the cocktail at your pop up station. Someone else may serve the samples to the crowd during this important interaction with repping bartender. 


IMPORTANT: Be sure you have registered your Bartender here for the competitions to be eligible.


(Disregard if serving spirit samples only.)




No more than 4 staff / volunteers at your table. (Receive exhibitor wristbands at check in) You will need a runner to replenish Ice as needed.

Someone to check off attendees passes to exhaust their ticket at your table and keep track of your samples.


Points of Contact on Day of Event: 

Founder Matt Kourie: 516-233-0866

Floor Manager: Peter Roccaforte 848-448-6104

Floor Manager: Clinth Lopez 917-687-1231


PLEASE TEXT YOUR ETA on morning of EVENT to Peter Roccaforte. 848-448-6104



Thank you so much for bringing your best hospitality and for being part of the New York Cocktail Expo community. See you Sunday at 10-11am!


Please share with your following on your socials this week that you will be showcasing at New York's Premier Cocktail Festival with image attached to email! 50% off tickets to show your following some love! Thank you!

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