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**Day of Instructions/Checklist for Exhibitors**

Items to Bring:**

- [  ] Disposable cups

- [  ] Bar rags (Cleanliness is key at any bar :) 

- [  ] Small waste receptacle (Cleanliness is    expected at each exhibitor table just as you would your bar, we work together to keep the event flowing, thank you!)

- [  ] Cooler (for syrups, juices, etc) 

- [  ] Ice scooper

- [  ] Rinse and dump bucket

- [  ] Table cloth / linen

- [  ] Banners / Table décor (6ft tables)

- [  ] Good vibes!

- [  ] (optional) Gifts/Swag for Judges Gift Bags (7 Judges)

**Load-In and Event Hours:**

- Location: Melrose Ballroom, LIC, NY

- Load-In Time: 10am - 11:30am. 

- Check in at Exhibitor Check in through front of venue.

(You will receive your exhibitor credentials and table space)

Must be ready for service by 1:45pm start: Judge Panelist entry.

- Event Hours: 2pm-10pm

- Sessions For Attendees: 

Session 1: 2pm-5pm, 

Session 2: 6pm-9pm

- Networking Hour / Reset: 5pm-6pm

- Networking / After Party: 9pm-10pm (Rum Room and RoofTop sections still serve only bottom levels breakdown at 9pm)


- [  ] Bring disposable cups for samples

- [  ] Batch cocktails, cheater bottles, punch bowls

- [  ] Attendees: 1 Cocktail Sample (2oz. shaken, 1oz. stirred) (approx 1k samples subject for changes)

- [  ] Attendees: 1 Spirit Sample (Less than ¼ oz.)

- [  ] Meet sample demand per attendee

- [  ] Do not run out of samples / take any batched cocktail as special on menu. Take unused product back. The event can only give projections as tickets will be on sale on Sunday as well.

**Venue Provides:**

- [x] Table (Updated to 8Ft)

- [x] Basic Bar Ice (Please only use what you need)

  [x] Tap Water for Drinking.



Attendances are Projections: Prepare for Variables: Spread product out if needed.

Previous attendance 1,600 + participants. (2019)

Projected Attendance for Sunday Aug 20. (1k + or -)

Will update on attendance as it changes. (spread product out as not to waste)


**Competitions (Tiki Throw Down / Best Cocktail of the Year):**

- Mixologist: Bring ingredients and tools in bin (everything you need)

- Finalists: TiKi Throw Down 4 Judges / 4 Full Cocktails

- Bartender interaction with Judges is important

Finalist Best Cocktail of the Year: 3 Judges / 3 Full cocktails


1st, Judges receive sample at your table. And FULL COCKTAIL PRESENTATION ON STAGE.

NO FIRE IN VENUE. (Dry Ice for smoke effect is ok)



- [ ] Max 4 staff/volunteers at table

- [ ] Runner for ice replenishment (ask Melrose Ballroom Bartenders - Exhibitors Not Permitted behind venue Bar)

- [ ] Check attendees passes, track samples 

 (simply mark with Sharpie to exhaust guess pass at table)

**Day of Points of Contact:**

- Outreach Co-ordinator - Floor Manager -  Hannah Mizrahi: 732-720-4980  (NY Cocktail Expo)

- Secondary contact - Matt Kourie - NY Cocktail Expo - Security Head 1-516-233-0866


**ETA Notification:**

- Text ETA to Hannah Mizrahi at 732-720-4980 for Organizing purposes.


**Thank you for being part of NY Cocktail Expo!**


More questions, please contact Hannah Mizrahi at

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