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Spring / Summer 2021 Pass

Bring on Your Spirit Sponsor

Email Example:

Many spirit brands are looking for creative and effective ways to team with restaurants. The LI Cocktail Tour is an upgraded version of LI Cocktail Fest bringing traffic directly to restaurants and bars for drinks and spirit tastings using a 2 or 3 month season cocktail pass.

Below is an example email you can use to highlight some of the value in teaming with your location for the LI Cocktail Tour. Feel free to copy / paste and send to your potential spirit brand sponsor representative and sign on now!

"Hello (Spirit Brand rep name) we would love for (Spirit Brand) to sponsor (your location) in the 2021 LI Cocktail Tour Spring Summer Edition. " We will be marketing a cocktail using (Spirit Brand) together with the LI Cocktail Tour promotional campaign online & from our location!

The LI Cocktail Tour is a fun experience for Long Islanders to find great restaurants and bars on Long Island through complimentary cocktails & spirit tastings when dining at participating locations.

Guests who present a season cocktail pass at (your location) will receive 1 complimentary (spirit brand) cocktail and 1 spirit tasting (1/4 oz) of (Spirit Brand) with a purchase of a food item!

The cost is $650 for (Spirit Brand) to sponsor (your location) along with product in kind for the cocktail we will be marketing with the 3 month long promotion. It will drive traffic to our location for additional sales and return business and create awareness and engagement for (Spirit Brand) with the cocktail and spirit tasting!

In addition, our cocktail with (spirit brand) will be up for best cocktail awards as well as the online people's choice awards with a social media promotional campaign built in as a component to win.

The cocktail pass may be used for indoor / outdoor dining and is designed to be flexible for any phase of covid.

A win win for savings for guests, new business and additional sales for restaurants as well as awareness and engagement for spirit brands through participating restaurant / bar venues and Liquor stores.

If interested, may I connect you with the LI Cocktail Tour representative to learn more? We are looking to confirm this week to be included in the promotions along with (Spirit Brand). We would love to team with you on this awesome promotion for Long Island Restaurants and spirit brands!

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