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Best Cocktail of the Year
People's Choice 2023 Competition

Begins Now!

Every great cocktail has a following &  it's time to build yours for the Fall Long Island Cocktail Festival's "People's Choice Best Cocktail of the Year" award! 


You're not just here to craft incredible cocktails; you're here to ignite & build a following that will leave a lasting legacy for your bar!


Every Vote on the Ticket order form counts towards People's Choice Best Cocktail of the Year!

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 2.46.26 PM.png

The Bar that builds the most successful following for their cocktail leading into the event & at the event will win People's Choice for Best Cocktail of the Year! 

Best Practices To Win: Share ticket link, acquire votes

1. Promote your cocktail journey on social media. (add link to ticket page in stories)

2. Collaborate with influencers for cocktail endorsements and to populate link to vote for your bar!

3. Use in-house marketing to highlight festival participation. (Scannable QR codes instructing your guests to purchase a ticket and vote!)

4. Mobilize loyal patrons to share cocktail excitement. (Get your biggest fans on board to aid in your promotion)

5. Enlist friends and family to boost your votes through sharing the ticket link!

6. List on your website and encourage votes!

7. Train staff to get Votes from guests!

Still developing your cocktail? Share behind the scenes to excite your guests & build your following!

Collateral Benefits:

Don't forget the fantastic benefits of participation!


- Increased visibility for your bar.

- A larger following of cocktail enthusiasts.

- Potential to attract more visitors to your bar.

Promotion Period::

Winner Announced at Event on Nov 12, 2023


Keep the momentum going throughout the contest period. Engage your audience, post regularly, and encourage them to vote!

People's Choice Award:


The "People's Choice Best Cocktail of the Year" award is prestigious &  will be announced at the Fall Long Island Cocktail Festival.




Let's make your cocktail the talk of the town and create an unforgettable cocktail experience together. Get ready to sip success at the Fall Long Island Cocktail Festival!

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