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Alex Young

Project Manager





500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984



To acknowledge those who are healing from C-PTSD, PTSD and other damaging effects of the modern age of Technology. To remove all risk for the safety of its community members and all our human family, NY Cocktail Expo through its clinical expertise resources will hold immovable boundaries on anything that is not related to hospitality, cocktails or akin to / resembling Narcissistic Abuse.  

We hold deeply that understanding comes through patience and rising above our feelings to see from each other's point of view and lens. Love is patience. Our commitment to ALL our human family will be an environment that cultivates that process continuing our strict non-discriminatory policy. All are welcome. Understanding comes from empathy and acknowledging separate realities and separate lenses of individuals, all whom are priceless and deserve treatment of respect and dignity. Double standards of any kind or silencing of any individual is strictly prohibited. Everyone shall have a voice and be heard on all issues of human concern. We are one human family in this community. Environments that program the brain for reaction have been "book ended" and are not acknowledged as credible. The NY Cocktail Expo will not enable abuse under any circumstances where data has shown to be abusive and deteriorating effects on the senses.

Technology, Addiction and Its Negative Effects on Community Guidelines.

"Bookending" Social Media's Effects on Reactive Thinking and Programming is clinically defined as sickness.

1994 Internet use is normalized in the average home. Data is in from almost 40 years of the technology. Social Media programs the brain to become reactive which is sickness. Therefore, conversations and understanding are personalized through our community with "benefit of the doubt" perspective, culture and with the timeless values and simplicity of Hospitality. Conversations happen in person, reactions happen on social media. Social Media is in the category of un-healthy addiction, reactive thinking, causing prejudice, online bullying and those with C-PTSD & PTSD will not be able to heal the pathways of the brain as the culture of social media use rewires the brain for reaction and disorder. 

Changing trends, changing goal posts in order to be treated with dignity and respect akin to Narcissistic abuse will not redirect the NY Cocktail Expo away from the timeless values of Hospitality and the harmony it creates. Setting all our human family and community up for success by keeping the plan simple with achievable goals without any dynamics that will allow for name calling, derogatory terms of any kind, verbal abuse or righteous supremacy. The damaging effects of walking on eggshells, anxiety, fear, smear campaigns, peer pressure, reputation destruction, silencing, oppression of all forms for any persons and permissive double standards have been sighted and are strictly prohibited. No one person shall be put on a pedestal above others. A;; humans are "flawed" and must make mistakes in all categories of human life to grow and learn. Derogatory terms are not allowed or any "loaded terms" whose affect on the sub-conscious creates hate, envy, judgement or the affects of isolation or silencing.  Most dangerous being any derogatory term that requires someone to know how someone else thinks or feels, which human beings do not have access to, are considered extreme psychological abuse and Narcissistic violation. Whether comprehension, bias, anchored or cognitive dissonance prevents its clarity. Terms that require knowing how anyone feels or thinks or strictly prohibited.  No one has the right to tell anyone how they think or feel about anything or any one. This is an immovable healthy boundary for the safety of all our community. "Gaslighting" and psychological abuse is strictly prohibited and malicious no matter comprehension or psychological association to the above description.

Television Addiction and the Affects on the Brain.

Invented in 1927, Television and its habitual use is sighted as causing desensitization of human senses and emotion replacing empathy with apathy and recording over one's individualistic nature and personality. "Programming" individuals to its "vision" and not their own. The NY Cocktail Expo is not connected to Televisions effects on culture in any way shape or form. As it relates to changing goal posts and requires engagement and the "strip-mining" of human emotion, psychology and the mind which is akin to Narcissistic abuse feeding on human senses and reactions, positive and negative. Television and it's damaging affects of non-linear thinking, normalizing mental health issues and its own agenda of calls to action or any other affects are not connected to NY Cocktail Expo in anyway shape or form. Using one's love against them and manipulation is the highest form of abuse and the community will not enable normalized abuse under any circumstance whatsoever. As clearly stated in these community guidelines set by clinical data and expertise for those with C-PTSD, PTSD or collateral benefits for those yet to be diagnosed with PTSD, NY Cocktail Expo is not subject to Judgement based on voluntary habitual ingesting of Television or forced ingesting of the less than 100 year old technology. Resources of expertise in the Television industry do not require NY Cocktail Expo to adhere to false realities from ingesting film, editing video content, Color correcting, sound design, focus grouping, editing in general, EDL's (Edit Decision Lists) Matting, VFX, Rotoscoping, campaigns of any kind, out of context information, or Television addiction. For help in over coming addiction to Television and Social Media see our resources here. Mental health is a priority in the community guidelines and we stand firm in our commitment to not enabling abuse and condemn psychological abuse of all forms voluntary or involuntary.

Strictly Prohibited Dynamics

These Are:

Changing Goal Posts, vague guidelines That Allow For any Kind of Name Calling or Derogatory Terms or Verbal Abuse. Including trends made popular through social media supremacy where flaw finding is made popular through marketing savvy vs a relevant , certified cause directly related to atrocities which can be clearly defined in an effort to prohibit certain races or individuals from participating in any particular genre of cocktails contributed into the human family of one. Sharing is caring. No one shall be scared or bullied out of participating in their brand of cocktail genre where alcohol and alcohol abuse is the more directly associated concern, directly traceable to negative outcomes and addiction and fatal results from over consumption, drinking irresponsibly. Online Bullying for Any Reason is Strictly Forbidden. Guilty by Way of Social Media Mobbing, Online Gangs or Waves of Reaction will not be Acknowledged as to not enable Abuse and reactive thinking and behaving which is sickness. Demonizing or Scapegoating of any Gender is not allowed for any reason. Any Gender at all. No exceptions. Double Standards of any kind are not allowed. Double Standards harm everyone and recycle poor treatment. Having to be perfect in order to be treated with respect and dignity is akin to Narcissistic Abuse

Permissive sexism, personal or systemic. 

No Verbal or Psychological Abuse, Zero Tolerance Policy. Strict Enforcement. Bullying is Prohibited.

If someone is called a name that requires the name caller to know how the accused thinks and feels about any persons or groups of people. The name caller will be asked on the spot to say out loud how the person they verbally abused feels exactly about a variety of people with every human variable and nuance the mind and emotion is capable of. If they are able to read their mind and inner feelings correctly they will be redeemed. However if they are not a mind reader it will be determined as psychological abuse, verbal abuse, defamatory statements and bullying by default. Humans do not have access to how others think and how they feel internally, lest they be a Narcissistic abuser Gaslighting others under false claims. This is a zero tolerance policy in our community. An Immovable healthy boundary for all time.

The Remove all Risk Philosophy for the Safety of the Community.

To remove all risk of Narcissistic abuse or love being used against anyone is our community. The most insidious and sinister form of abuse. All political affiliation is removed from our community and will remain solely based on the timeless values of hospitality and common ground ally-ship. Anything the community wants to make happen, is achieved through coming together on common ground only. We do not focus on differences which divide or keep a record of wrong doing from the past which is akin to Narcissistic abuse. e remove all risk by removing politicians out of the equation who have the steeped and well accepted history of corrupt-ability. Non-negotiable. For those healing from C-PTSD, PTSD and psychological abuse there is no need to risk their mind and emotion being toyed with. NY Cocktail Expo will remain unaffiliated and adhere to the basic principles of hospitality. Removing all risk of corruption or being bought or influenced or led astray for any reason whatsoever. This is an immovable healthy boundary. Hospitality is an independent philosophy and it's language and behavior is simple, achievable for all, comprehensive, timeless and will help those with C-PTSD, PTSD heal from psychological abuse through simplicity and simple relatable language. Changing trends, moving goal posts, un-sustainable societal standards, anchoring and bias is not relevant to our community and is akin to Narcissistic abuse. Any negative action towards the community from any lens that is not based in hospitality is defined as psychological abuse through the lens of our community guidelines which is an immoveable healthy boundary to remove all risk for survivors of abuse or those in the "Cycle of Abuse" personally or systematically seen or under the radar. No one shall be Judged by any person who has but one flaw. No one has the right to Judge any other individual under any circumstances whatsoever. The community standard of "Be the change you wish to see in the world" and point the finger at yourself and do inner work will always be our guideline as it relates to the best practices of wellness and health and growth of the community. This removes all risk of poor treatment of others for any reason. The accepted community standards are listed below.

Accepted Community Standards & Healthy Boundaries

We recognize with the highest priority of importance that our community and all our human family shall be treated with dignity and respect and a human environment which allows for "mistakes," growth and learning. We will not kick anyone while they are down. To set our community up for success, NY Cocktail Expo is committed to achievable goals with clear defined outcomes. No standards shall be set that allows for any dynamic of poor treatment, insecurity and fear, so that we may grow together as allies on common ground. Which is the timeless and successful practice of coming together. Compulsive flaw finding and name calling is strictly prohibited as it is akin to Narcissistic abuse where philosophy and room for separate realities and harmony is expressed through imperfect nature, which is human. Live and let live. The achievable healthy standards are listed below. Thank you for aligning with these timeless, achievable values in your participation with NY Cocktail Expo in support of those healing from C-PTSD, PTSD, survivors of Abuse and all those who have the desire for harmony through hospitality activism.

  • All are welcome

  • Patience

  • Kindness

  • Mutual-Respect

  • Desire for peace and conflict resolution through reasonable approaches and empathy

  • A Space to be imperfect and human and to be understood

  • "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

  • Inner Work 

  • Treat others how you wish to be treated

  • an environment that cultivates rising above to see from someone else's lens with validation and empathy

  • Showing concern and care for all others

  • Do not judge a book by it's cover

  • "Energy not Exterior"

  • Mutual Accountability (No generalizing genders in roles of victim and aggressor)

  • Professional titles and credits (No labels, confusing language, Modern "loaded terms" with any gender, race, color or lack of color included)

  • Rejection of the Mainstream which does not have the communities health and best interests at heart

Non - Discriminatory Policy:

NY Cocktail Expo holds firm the values of non-discrimination. All are welcome. This is the nature of hospitality.

Our venues, classes and partners must respect the non-discriminatory policy and shall not discriminate, devalue or dehumanize any persons concerning basis of race, color, religion (creed), medical privacy, gender, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. Discrimination of any kind is not permitted in Hospitality or at NY Cocktail Expo events.

Right to Refuse Service:

Withe the Community Guidelines based on clinical psychological expertise of healing from Abuse, C-PTSD & PTSD...Should the guidelines of the NY Cocktail Expo not be adhered to, the NY Cocktail Expo reserves the right to refuse service to any persons or groups that force another lens or demand their reality take precedence over these healthy boundaries and guidelines which is the basis of Narcissistic abuse by clinical definition, malicious and extreme violation in nature. Demanding a dominant reality through aggressive means, verbal abuse, online bullying, online gangs, waves of online reactions through lack of patience and understanding, defamation, smear campaigns, efforts to recruit additional abusers under false pretense and allegation which requires knowledge of how someone thinks and feels will be refused service and participation at NY Cocktail Expo. As stated above, any accuser and verbal abuser who has called a victim a name which requires them to know how one thinks and feels about any other person or group of persons must redeem themselves by stating out loud how the accused thinks and feels about several different individuals with all the nuance of human nature, psychological and emotional details as they view the other individuals in real time. Should the accuser not be able to read the mind and internal emotion of the accused precisely, they will be seen as verbally abusive and bullying in an effort to defame another individual through smear campaigns and leading online gangs by default. No gender shall instill fear into any other gender to speak out against double standards or any form of gaslighting. All Genders are equal, double standards of any kind, permissible sexism and efforts to destroy reputation is of the highest order of forbidden behavior in hospitality and at NY Cocktail Expo. Zero tolerance for psychological abuse and mind reading insults and derogatory terms, Reputation destruction, false accusation and "gaslighting" others online, in person in an effort to destroy any other individual does not reflect these community guidelines of hospitality. Other movements, groups and organizations that are not related to hospitality will not be permitted at NY Cocktail Expo in accordance with our remove all risk philosophy to protect survivors of abuse by every means possible. The level of concern requires that level of care and psychological expertise. All language, words strung together and political language is on blast, removed as we return to simple language that reflects hospitality and harmony through achievable goals vs changing goal posts and loaded terms which deteriorate the sub-conscious.

Work Experience

June 2025 - April 2026

July 2024 - May 2025

January 2023 - June 2024

This is a Job Description. Briefly describe your specific position, including details about important achievements and milestones. Make sure to include relevant skills and highlights, and don't forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.

This is a Job Description. Briefly describe your specific position, including details about important achievements and milestones. Make sure to include relevant skills and highlights, and don't forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.

This is a Job Description. Briefly describe your specific position, including details about important achievements and milestones. Make sure to include relevant skills and highlights, and don't forget to adjust the timeframe in the subtitle.

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